Arlene Jaquette

In recognition of her work as a Public Affairs Officer in Addis Ababa

Nels Kloster

Project on the role of science in formulating regulatory policy regarding public health questions, for example, on electromagnetic fields as a possible cause of cancer

Angela E. Crowley

Project on comparative sales of military aircraft to Sweden by the US, France and the USSR, “as a means to determine … overlap and balance between the global economy and the interstate system.” This was Crowley’s doctoral project at UC Irvine.

Sheilagh M. Riordan

Project on the nine months Madame de Staƫl spent in Sweden in 1812-13. At the time, Riordan had recently earned her PhD at the University of Maryland.

Paol Keineg

For his translation into French of William Bronk’s volume of poems entitled The World, The Worldless