Kenneth Shockley

Project on the obligations which group membership implies in different societies. A former Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi, at the time Schockley was studying philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis.


Project exploring how Finland’s national epic, The Kalevala, was assembled over time

Douglas Geers

Project consisting in the composition of a large-scale, multi-media piece for live musicians, computer music and computer-assisted puppetry. At Norway’s Technology, Acoustics and Music center (NOTAM) Geers, at the time at Columbia University, created a production of Gilgamesh.

Jennifer Mack

Project on Swedish urban development. At the time, Mack was at MIT.

Gregory Webb

Project on Scandinavian literature. At the time, Webb was at UCLA.

Marjorie Ransom

In recognition of the contributions as a Foreign Service Officer of one of the Award’s original designers, who first met Lois in 1967 in Tehran.

Dick Davis

For his translation into English of the hilarious My Uncle Napoleon, by Iraj Pezeshkhzad

Anne Damour

For her translation of The Hours, by Michael Cunningham.

Hans Hubert

Research on the Florentine Palazzo Uguccioni and its Roman architectural influences, conducted at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts.