John Felstiner

For his translation of the Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan.

Dick Davis

Jointly awarded, with Afkham Darband, for their translation of Farid-Ud-Din Attar’s classic text, The Conference of the Birds.

Afkham Darband

Jointly awarded, with Dick Davis, for their translation of Farid-Ud-Din Attar’s classic text, The Conference of the Birds.

Françoise Cartano

For the translation of Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer, by Steven Millhauser.

Nili Kaplan‐Myrth

Project on the prevention of blindness in aboriginal communities. At the time, Kaplan-Myrth was at Yale University.

Sabra Thorner

Project on the social impact of Australia’s Aboriginal Cultural Centers. At the time, Thorner was at Georgetown University.

Elio Brancaforte

Project on maps of the Baroque period held in Danish libraries and archives

Maile Chapman

Project: a historically-based novel weaving threads from medicine and public heath, institutional architecture and women’s healthcare. At the time, Chapman was at Syracuse University.

Tomas Matza

Project on the challenge to Finnish national identity posed by globalization. At the time, Matza, a recent Princeton University graduate, was developing a career as a journalist.

Baron Kelly

Project on the thirty-year Scandinavian career of Earle Hyman, distinguished black American actor who learned Norwegian, Swedish and Danish and performed the classical repertory, from Ibsen to Strindberg and Shakespeare to O’Neill, before his American career began. At the time, Kelly was in the Theater Department at the University of Wisconsin.

Anna Rudberg

Project on the response of theology and religion to recent social change. At the time, geographer Rudberg was at Dartmouth College.

Alexandra Zafiroglu

Project on the shift in the daily experience of time and space brought about by the use of mobile phones. At the time, Zafiroglu was at Brown University.

Georgia Hubert

In recognition of her excellence in carrying out the merging of the US Information Service into the State Department her USIA-State merger and training State officers to take over the simple grant-making activities formerly carried out by USIA.