Garrett Bucks

Project on the “Swedish Model” of international development and approach to poverty in a globalized world. His Roth Foundation award allowed Bucks to travel to Tanzania to observe Swedish projects there.

Kjersti Knox

Project on traditional Sami medicine and its interaction with the Swedish public health system. Her Roth Foundation award extended Knox’s ability to conduct interviews with traditional Sami healers and community leaders.

Robert Strand

Project on global business ethics. Upon his return, Strand wrote, from his base at the University of Minnesota’s Business School: “In Norway as a Fulbrighter … I was helped by the Roth Foundation to regionalize my research. In companies like Nokia in Finland and Novo Nordisk in Denmark I explored different [corporate] approaches to responsibility.”

Joel Agee

For his translation of Hans Erich Nossack’s The End: Hamburg 1943, available in a beautifully-designed edition of the haunting text on the destruction of the German port city.

Jawid Mojadeddi

For his translation of the first volume of the Masnavi, by Jalal al-Din Rumi. Oxford’s Mojadeddi brings scholarly rigor to this translation of the first of six volumes by a classic poet who has not always been well served by translators.

Antoine Cazé

For his translations of A Box of Matches and The Size of Thoughts, both by Nicholson Baker.

Paola Modesti

Research on the uses, functions and publics of Venice’s churches, from the city’s origins until the Counter-Reformation, conducted at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts.

Thor Mednick

Project on nationalism in Danish art around the turn of the last century. While in Denmark, Mednick also taught at the University of Copenhagen and presented a paper in Stockholm.

Michael Jakab

Project entitled “Mobile Narratives,” a graphic design and video project involving a series of “micro-movies” on contemporary Finnish culture.

Kjerstin Moody

Project on contemporary Finnish literature and poetry

Hannah Gerard

Studies in rhetoric, composition, literary theory and pedagogy at the University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Menzies

Studies in cultural studies and interdisciplinary theory at the University of Chicago