Year: 1997

Jean Pavrans

For his translation of Edith Wharton’s autobiography, A Backward Glance (published as Les Chemins parvenus)

Mary Carlin Yates

The award citation reads: For outstanding creativity, initiative and sensitivity in directing and managing USIS programs in Zaire from 1993 to 1995. Her achievement in reaching out to newly-formed political groups and the Zairian intellectual community restored the U.S. as a leading force for justice and will form the basis of American-Zairian relations in coming …

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Michael Pippenger

Project on the formation of Australia’s literary canon since the nation’s birth

Matthew Sherman

Project on the impact of NAFTA on Australian-US trade relations

Ellen Berg

Project on Norwegian migration to the US, which was second in numbers only to the Irish

Angela Karstadt

Project part of a 5-year longitudinal study of spoken Swedish-American English (Swenglish)