Jean Pavrans

For his translation of Edith Wharton’s autobiography, A Backward Glance (published as Les Chemins parvenus)

Michael Pippenger

Project on the formation of Australia’s literary canon since the nation’s birth

Matthew Sherman

Project on the impact of NAFTA on Australian-US trade relations

Ellen Berg

Project on Norwegian migration to the US, which was second in numbers only to the Irish

Angela Karstadt

Project part of a 5-year longitudinal study of spoken Swedish-American English (Swenglish)

Mary Carlin Yates

The award citation reads: For outstanding creativity, initiative and sensitivity in directing and managing USIS programs in Zaire from 1993 to 1995. Her achievement in reaching out to newly-formed political groups and the Zairian intellectual community restored the U.S. as a leading force for justice and will form the basis of American-Zairian relations in coming …

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