Bernard Hoepffner

For his translation into French of Red the Fiend, by Gilbert Sorrentino

Asher Cutter

Project on ants as indicators of habitat disturbance and biodiversity. At the time, Cutter was at Tufts University.

Kelly Amis

Project on educational excellence and diversity in Australia. At the time, Amis was at Stanford University.

Andrew Buckser

Supplementary support for an ethnographic study of the Jewish community in Copenhagen. At the time, Buckser was an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Purdue. His research resulted in the 2003 publication, After the Rescue: Jewish Identity and Community in Contemporary Denmark.

Nicholas Hill

Project on the sociological history of the Finnish army from 1918 to 1926

Sara A. Peterson

Project on the influence of Norwegian health and social policies on adolescent reproductive health. At the time, Peterson was in Public Health at UC Berkeley.

Eric W. Banks

Project on contemporary choral theory and practice in Sweden. At the time, Banks was a PhD candidate at the University of Wisconsin.

Matthew Roy

Project on theoretical perspectives and representations of homosexuality in Swedish literature. At the time, Roy was a PhD candidate at the University of Washington.