Julie Scott Meisami

For her translation of Haft Paykar (Oxford Press), a medieval Persian romance written by Nizami of Ganja, who died around 1209.

Bethany Usher

Project on how the cemetery of Tirup conveys information about medieval social organization. At the time, anthropologist Usher was at SUNY Potsdam.

Jennifer Hartel

Project on how the knowledge domains related to hobbies are built into library systems. At the time, Hartel was at UCLA.

Patty Huang

Project on computer simulations of spaces for musical performances. At the time, acoustical engineer Huang was at Stanford University.

Venu Nadella

Project on language and ethnic dynamics in Helsinki. At the time, Nadella was at Harvard University.

Blake Boulerice

Project on Old Norse philology, exploring this language that is a key component in the development of Germanic languages and provides a window into medieval history. At the time, linguist Boulerice was at Harvard University.

Elise Carlson

Project on the experience of Kurdish women in Sweden.

Jeffrey Green

Project on the philosophical paradox of useful ignorance

Jean Manes

In recognition of her work in Montevideo. Manes also participated in a broadcast on the Lois Roth Award on the Voice of America Spanish.

Orna Blum

Orna Blum was award Lois Roth Award (Honorable Mention) for work with marginalized communities in Jamaica.