Heidi Durrow

Archival research and interviews for a collection of short stories about early 19th-century interracial relations between Danes, black Africans and African-Americans. While in Denmark, she read from her work at the Tell-Tale Café in Copenhagen. Durrow’s research evolved into a novel, entitled The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (2010), which won the Bellweather Prize

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Carrie Schneider

Photographic project entitled “Hot vs Cold: Embodying the Finnish Landscape.” At the time, Schneider was at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her project “Elaborate Flirtations” was exhibited at Helsinki’s Galleria FAFA and reviewed by Scandinavia’s largest daily paper. While in Helsinki, Schneider presented a gallery talk and two screenings and produced a catalog featuring an

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Bethany Edmunds

Studies in Visual Culture at New York University, focusing on costume studies and textile conversation, culminating in a Master’s degree. After her return to Auckland in 2010, she developed an exhibition of works drawing on her US experience and toured the North Island to visit weavers and their communities.

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