Sholeh Wolpe

For her translation of Sin: Selected Poems of Forough Farrokhzad (Univ of Arkansas Press 2008, preface by Alicia Ostriker). Frank Lewis, the president of the American Institute for Iranian Studies, notes that this musical and compelling version draws the reader along and catches the exquisite balance and pacing of the poet’s language; he hopes that

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Nigel de Juan Hatton

Project on the philosophical dimensions of creative freedom that two African-American artists found in Scandinavia. His research on William H. Johnson and Cecil Brown will support two chapters of his planned book, tentatively entitled Scandinavian Landscapes, African-American Escapes: Black Artists and Freedom in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. At the time, Hatton was at Stanford University.

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Erika Larsen

Photography project on the social world of hunting and reindeer herding among the Sámi people of northern Scandinavia. While she was in Sweden, work from this series in the magazine D2, in an exhibit of experimental media in Moscow and at the Etnografiska Museet in Stockholm; these were followed by a solo exhibit in Korea

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