Divya Dhar

Studies towards a Master’s degree in Public Policy at Harvrd University’s Kennedy School of Government. Dhar, a young Indian-New Zealander, is the creator of the P3 (Peace, Prosperity and Progress) Foundation, an NGO that mobilizes young people across the Asia Pacific region to break out of poverty.

Kristine Ericson

Project on the influence of Japanese design on Sverre Fehn, Norway’s most influential late-20th-century architect. While in Norway, Ericson was the lead designer for a studio project to create a “green path” linking the Norwegian University of Science and Technology campus. Her Roth Foundation award allowed the recent Williams College graduate to travel to two …

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Andrew Bearnot

Project on glass art and manufacture in early 20th-century Sweden, conducted first at Linnaeus University and then at the Swedish Glass Research Institute in in Växjö. Bearnot holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and and BS from Brown University in materials engineering. His Roth Foundation award allowed him to visit glassworks …

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Anna Christina Hersey

Project on the Swedish art song repertoire and Swedish diction, conducted at the Swedish Royal College of Music. Her Roth Foundation award allowed Hersey to travel from Sweden to Chicago to present her findings at the annual conference of the American Choral Directors’ Association. Since her return, she has developed a conductor’s guide to promote …

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Anne‐Marie Slaughter

Dr. Slaughter spoke at Pembroke College Oxford on “The Turn: American Foreign Policy 2009- 2011.” At the time, she was the Kerstetter Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University and the former Director of Policy Planning and the U.S. State Department—the first woman ever to hold that position.

Caryn Danz

In recognition of her 26-year cultural affairs career and of her work as the Branch Chief for Educational Information Resources at the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Sozopol Fiction Seminar, 2011

Fellows: Molly Antopol, Rayko Baychev, Petja Heinrich, Michal Hinken, Lee Romer Kaplan, Ivan Landzhev, Jane Martin, Paulina Petrova, Yana Punkina, John Struloeff

Robert Greenan

In recognition of his work as a Cultural Affairs Officer in Baghdad

Patricia Ehrnman

In recognition of her work as the liaison between the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs and Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Margarita Dogramadzhian

For her translation of The White Tiger, Indian author Aravind Adiga’s 2008 debut and Man Booker Prize-winning novel.

Svetlana Komogorova‐Komata

For her translation into Bulgarian of Shantaram, a semi-autobiographical novel by Australian author Gregory David Roberts (Orgon Publishers).

Laurence Viallet

For her fine translation of The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by the Dominican author Junot Diaz. This novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2008, was published in France by Plon, in their Feux Croisés collection.

Constanza Caraffa

Research at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts on art historical photo libraries. Caraffa is head of the photo library at the Department of Art History in Florence, Italy.

Matthew Perez

Studies with Richard Whiteley, an internationally renowned artist and expert in glass casting, at the Australian National University. His Roth Foundation award allowed Perez to travel from Canberra to Melbourne and Sydney as a visiting artist to engage university audiences on his research project, entitled “To Anneal,” on new techniques of glass fabrication. See www.matthewdayperez.com.

Maggie Taft

Project on the production, reception and distribution of design in Scandinavia and abroad from 1945 to 1960. In her University of Chicago doctoral project on Making Danish Modern: Imaging Design, Imagining a Nation, Taft explores how Danish furniture produced during these years both generated and accumulated cultural and social meanings that were mobilized in the …

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Lauren Holmes

Project on the government infrastructure that has supported the export of Finnish music since World War II. While in Finland, Holmes conducted interviews with leading Finnish composers and musical organizations for her doctoral work on Music and the Nation- State: Finnish Music from Nationalism to Post-nationalism at Yale University.

Christian Benefiel

Project on sustainable practices for artists at foundries. With an MFA in sculpture from the University of Maryland at College Park, where a large-scale foundry enabled him to develop expertise in metal-casting processes, Benefiel developed the world’s first foundry powered by methane gas from a landfill in North Carolina. He notes that “toxic and dangerous …

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