Emma Rothschild

Historian Emma Rothschild spoke on the mid-twentieth century history of internationalism at the University of Edinburgh. Rothschild is the Jeremy and Jane Knowles Professor of History at Harvard and the director of the Joint Center for History and Economics at Harvard and Magdalene College, Cambridge. Her lecture took place on 21 May 2014 at Edinburgh

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Geoffrey Squires

For his volume entitled Hafez: Translations and Interpretations of the Ghazals (Miami Univ. Press). In this volume Squires, who is an accomplished Irish poet and lived in Iran for three years, captures the energy and depth of the iconic poet Hafez in contemporary English without archaisms or a predetermined interpretation. It displays a supple and

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Sherry Keneson-Hall

In recognition of her work in the Czech Republic. Keneson-Hall’s approach connects an astounding range of people and venues: from Pilsen to Prague, from a police force to the Republic’s most famous artist, with visitors from Bill Murray to Wes Anderson, and from those seeking contact with America in person to those who live online.

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Dominique Benbrahim

The second Gill Jacot-Guillarmod Award went to Dominique Benbrahim for her work at the US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco since 1983. Over the years, she has initiated and facilitated many programs, including several on women and technology, the national tour of a theater troupe addressing corruption, and the creation of the Moroccan-American Friendship Foundation, a

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Michael Weider

In recognition of 27 years of dedication to the goals of US cultural diplomacy. The grants process he oversees—as Division Chief of the Program Management Branch in the Executive Office of ECA/IIP—is the engine that powers ECA work and programs. He is honored for his intense commitment to the ECA mission, his mastery of complex

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Brigid Babbish

Bassoonist Brigid Babbish took advantage of Norwegian orchestral traditions to advance her skill and musicianship; in preparation for recitals in Norway and the U.S., she used her LRE award to have a balance hanger made to accommodate the Norwegian conservatory style of playing standing up.

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Juliana Hanle

For her Fulbright project, journalist Juliana Hanle (Yale University) went to Norway to document the impact of industry on indigenous communities in Norway. Her Roth Foundation award allowed her to travel to the high arctic to report on local protests against big mining interests there. Julia continued to follow the story, and in November 2019

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Evelyn Ansel

Evelyn Ansel spent her Fulbright year at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, where she brought her unique skills in museum studies, art conservation and boatbuilding to their collection of 17th-century shipbuilding tools. Her Roth Foundation award allowed her to travel to, photograph and blog about shipyards, mills and metal shops elsewhere in Europe.

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Lucia Simonato

Lucia Simonato (Asst. Prof. at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) was in residence for two months at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Art. A Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow at the Gallery, she explored the Italian Architectural Drawings Photograph Collection for her project on Literary Description

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Joseph E. Stiglitz

Economist Joseph E. Stiglitz (Columbia University) gave the fourth annual Fulbright Legacy Lecture on International Relations. His topic was the “Causes and Consequences of Growing Inequality—and what can be done about it” at Pembroke College, Oxford, and Kings College London. Stiglitz is a recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2001) and the

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Patrick Phillips

The award went to accomplished translator Patrick Phillips, the director of Creative Writing at Drew University, for research on a new English translation of Knud Holmboe’s memoir Orkenen Brænder – The Burning Desert. This volume recounts the journalist’s drive across the Sahara in 1930, during which he witnessed atrocities against the Bedouin people and an

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Christin Boggs

Christin Boggs (Rochester Institute of Technology) was in Finland to document traditional and urban food practices in Finnish gastronomic culture. With her Roth-Thomson award, she produced an exhibit entitled “Viljellä, a photographic exploration of Helsinki garden, farm and foraging practices.”

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Karli Storm

Karli Storm (Indiana University Bloomington) was in Finland undertaking doctoral research in a unique new program on “Russia in Europe” at the University of Eastern Finland. Her Roth-Thomson award allowed her to present her research on national language policies and political stability at international conferences in Finland and Russia.

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